Klimova in St. Petersburg
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I love thee, Peter's proud creation,
Thy princely stateliness of line,

The regal Neva coursing,  patient,
Twixt sober walls of massive stone,
The iron lacework of thy fences,
Thy wistful, moonless, lustrous nights,
Dusk-clothed but limpid... oft it chances
That in my chamber without a light
I write or sit a book perusing

Whilst, luminous,
the streets lie dozing
Beyond, great,

empty blocks Up higher,
Gainst sky, the Admiralty spire

Is cleary etched...
The darkness driving
From off the heavens, twilight
To welcome twilight, scarcely giving

Night half an hour..

(from Alexander Pushkin's "The Bronze Horseman,"
translated by Irina Zheleznova)


I - Miss Inna Klimova - an English-German interpreter and translator, consider myself being an interesting, sociable and emotional tour guide. I would like to invite you to visit one of the most beautiful cities of the world, St. Petersburg, together with me.
Welcome to the Northern capital of Russia - the Northern Venice! One would be hard-pressed to name another city in the world which could be described in such human-like terms. - The city has served as the cradle of both uprising and revolution.- I would enjoy  to show you the countless treasures of art, both inside and outside of the museums. One of them, the Hermitage (the second largest in the world and the famous museum) houses Russia's greatest collection of international art. In the Russian Museum, that retains the great works of the country's own painters and sculptors, I would like to explain you the meaning behind those works. - St.Petersburg has known anguish. No city in the world has suffered during the 900-day siege by the Nazis during World War II.-
Various canals and channels flow through the city, environs carry the lifeblood from the city's spiritual heart, the Neva River.

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I invite you to discover for yourself some of these outstanding features. I design this tour so that you'll succeed in visiting many of the remarkable highlights of St. Petersburg. Within one afternoon you can admire the beauty of the city in the period of white nights.
And, perhaps, my experience will help to make it easier for you to appreciate the almost spiritual nature of the relationship which exists between the city and its residents.
If you like we can spend some time in and by the Kazan Cathedral - the place I herz.gif (1019 bytes).

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