That is the way some of our clients she was courier to   evaluate Ms. Klimova:
Inna was a star. She and Natalia were willing and flexible. She clearly had a plan as we went from site to site, but was flexible along the way. She exhibited a nice level of professionalism. She went out of her way and even played the piano for our group during lunch. During museum tours, Inna tended to explain the meaning behind paintings (she was enjoying her work), ... .
My friend and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have found such a nice and willing pair of guides."

inna2.jpg (31472 bytes) On the left stands Mikhail Kutuzov and on the right, Mikhail Barklay de Tolli. (sculptor Orlovsky, 1837). Opposite the Kazan Cathedral there is a massive dark grey building - the city's largest bookshop, known as the "House of Books". East of the Kazan Cathedral runs the Griboedov Canal named after a famous
Russian poet, composer and diplomat, who was killed in Persia. Not far to the South of the cathedral you can see a footbridge that spans the canal.
Erected around 1800, it is adorned with gilt-winded griffins, who stood
guard over gold in ancient Greek mythology.


minigif.gif (807 bytes)Kazan Cathedral                    - minigif.gif (807 bytes)on Nevsky Avenue.

By the middle of the 18th century the Nevsky Prospect had become the city's main street with its palaces, churches, public buildings and shopping arcades. The architecture of the Nevsky Prospect is a mixture of different periods and different styles.
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, put up in the early 19th century, stretches across the Nevsky Prospect. It is the major work of the Russian architect Voronikhin and a real masterpiece of High Classical style. Construction works of the majestic Kazan Cathedral took from 1801 to 1811.
The colonnade of the cathedral is made up of 144 columns. Kazan virgin was the patronise of the defenders of the motherland in the war of 1812.
The cathedral's capital, completed in 1811, became a memorial of the Russian-French war of 1812. Many trophies of the Napoleonic campaign are displayed there. On the square in front of the cathedral stand two statues honouring the generals under whose command the Russian armies fought the French.
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