About me



Iím fond of many things in this world Ė life itself, people that I communicate with, music (of different styles but I prefer classics and jazz) and literature. There my interest lies normally in so many channels and directions of modern and classic literature that it would be difficult to single out my priorities since each spare minute I have Iím sure to use it for reading. Besides I would study foreign languages as much as I can ( but Iím afraid a human life is too short to have time for everything. By the way, I am still in the process of studying Spanish) and travel. My dream is to see as many countries as possible. As I have already said, Iím interested not only in travelling all around the world but also around my motherland where there are lots of fascinating places.

But one of the most important things that Iím genuinely keen on is my home city Ė the city of Nizhny Novgorod. I like it in any season and any weather; each time I see the old Kremlin or the central part of the city with its cosy cafes or the gorgeous mansions I feel proud for the place I was born in. Especially the old part, the down town of the city is to my liking. Here I used to walk with my mates from the University; here I relax going for walks after work looking at people and enjoying the magnificent sight of the streets at night when all of them are mildly lit with the light of the night lamps. Here I can find my favourite theatres and concert halls, here I can feel the history passing by, here I can breath in the air of the great Russian river Volga.