Ms Sukhino-Fomenko in Moscow

                    MUNDRA's Translation and Tour Guide Services
Elena.jpg (40114 bytes) At your request, she will:
  • familiarise you with  Moscow and its suburbs
  • offer suggestions for your leisure time or provide any other service you wish except sexual ones
  • make appointments with company representatives or public administrators
  • do translations:
    English - Russian - English 
    Norwegian - Russian - Norwegian
    German - Russian - German
  • escort you to a business dinner or to
    a theatrical performance
  • reserve hotel rooms and order the board you wish, i.e. breakfast included

If you would like to get to know Moscow and Russia the way it really is,we highly recommend that you  let Ms Sukhino-Fomenko be your guide, counsellor and friend during your stay there:
She is an outstanding young lady who adores her people's culture, especially the music, theatre and poetry. As a native Russian she speaks Norwegian and English fluently, and she is quite competent to speak German as well.
Besides she is familiar with technical innovations of the 20th century, i.e. among others Ms Sukhino-Fomenko has working experience in a PC firm.

One of our clients described the job she did as a city guide in the following way:
Your Moscow guide was better than I could have possibly imagined. She was energetic, genuinely honest, and totally attentive. Ms. Mundra, I would totally recommend her for any venture! She was also extremely bright, and genuinely enjoyed showing her city to me.

Moscow, today's capital of Russia, has a long history represented by many well-known sights: the Kremlin, the Red square, the Moscow Museum of History or the State Tretyakov Gallery. But there are many more places you may fall in love with. Ms Sukhino-Fomenko will acquaint you with them - as well as with the place she herz.gif (1019 bytes), the (Old) arbat1.gif (1821 bytes) - the Moscow "Mall".

If you would like to use Ms Sukhino-Fomenko's services,
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