Whether you are an employer, an employee, or simply a private person - being able to communicate in at least one foreign language is a critical skill in today's world.

We all have to accept their obvious consequences of CONSOLIDATION and MERGER which have become 'routine' among the world's multinational companies and medium-sized companies.

Wanted - director's secretary / assistant / technician / engineer(male/female) ... with an excellent spoken and written foreign language command -
Advertisements of this kind published by firms or "head hunters" can be found in the press more and more often. 

Last but not least, the latest technology such as the INTERNET make it easier and easier to learn and conduct business all over the world without leaving your own home.

As an official representative of the language institutes

I can offer intensive language courses, which satisfy your particular needs.

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English courses (especially critical in Eastern-European countries) as well as courses in German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese are available.

Learn your target language within a group of people coming from all European countries and of varied professional background, title, character, temperament and age. You will simply be forced to communicate in the foreign language from morning 'til night.

picture 1 of the language school in England (7414 bytes) The unique style of each institution (usually located in the country) will introduce you to the culture and expertly prepared cuisine of the region. Your stay will be so fascinating, that you may forget that you are actually there for intensive language training. picture 2 of the language school in England (6199 bytes)

Besides I would like to offer you another possibility to learn a foreign language. You live and learn in a teacher's home, no matter whether you are a child (primary-school age), a teenager or a (young) adult.  In the morning a trained teacher gives you 3 to 5 individual lessons. Being integrated in every-day life of the teacher's family you speak and listen to your target language all day. No doubt, this is a completely natural way of learning a language. Furthermore you experience a unique countryside as well as its culture.

Don't hesitate to ask me for further information. It could be the first step on the road to your success!

At your inqury, I will gladly send you the corresponding material.

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