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Mrs. Kachtcheeva in Moscow

At your request, Mrs. Kachtcheeva will:

  • familiarise you with  Moscow and its suburbs
  • offer suggestions for your leisure time or provide any other service you wish except sexual ones
  • make appointments with company representatives or public administrators
  • do translations:
    English - Russian - English 
    Greek - Russian - Greek
  • reserve hotel rooms and order the board you wish, i.e. breakfast included
  • escort you to a business dinner or to a theatrical performance

Like most big cities in the world, Moscow has its particular scent and soul... 
You cannot feel it simply through visiting the Kremlin and Red Square, seeing a beautiful performance in the Bolshoy Theatre. The soul of the Old Moscow is hidden in its old and narrow streets, in its magnificent churches, in the bell sounds over the river in the evening... Practically every stone has its own history, it knows a lot of legends of the past.

I would say that Moscow is not a city, it is a big variety of cities, and everybody discovers his/her own Moscow. Quiet parks and streets of the old districts and the modern part of the city with its offices, banks, casinos and clubs - they coexist in unity, and the beauty of Moscow is in  contradiction between the past and the present. 

That is why I would like not only to show foreigners the monuments of the past, but to tell them of the present of our country and its people. Life has changed a lot lately. I will try to show these changes, to explain what is different now - both in the city and in the minds of its people.

I can not choose my favourite places in Moscow, because it exists in my heart as a whole.

I love places connected with the works of Russian literature - I 
mean the places described in literature works or houses where famous 
literature heroes "lived". Bulgakov, Griboyedov, Pushkin - you can still feel the atmosphere of their works in Moscow, in its old districts, in its charming buildings.

I love Moscow theatres - the traditions of Stanislavsky are still 
kept although the features of the modern theatre are present as well.

I love my city in the early morning - it is awaking from its sleep, there are no passers-by in the streets and you can hear the song of the city. Come to Moscow and feel it yourself. 
I love
this city, and maybe, you? l understand it - though they say that Moscow as well as the legendary Russian soul can not be understood, can't it? 

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