Events that went down in Bautzen's History

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"Dance into the new millennium"
by Elke Woltersdorf

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A chronicle illustrated with up-to-date photographs*  
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1002 First written mention of Bautzen * as civitas Budusin in the Chronicle of Bishop Thietmar von Merseburg
1018 Peace of Bautzen concluded after sixteen years of military conflict between the Polish duchy and the early-feudal German city, which remains under Polish occupation until 1031
1158 After being an object of horse-trading among German kings, counts and dukes, King Barbarossa grants Bohemia the city in fee
1213 First town hall built of stone *
1215 At the point of today's St. Peter's Cathedral, which becomes an interdenominational church over 300 years later, starts construction of the Church of St. John
1284 Brandenburg's Margraves grant Bautzen, which is pledged as a fief to them those days,  the priviledge of establishing the first bazaar in the Upper Lusatia 
1319 Annexed by the Kingdom of Bohemia once again
1346 Foundation of the "Six-City League of Upper Lusatia" for giving robber barons as good as one gets. The members are Bautzen (secretary), Goerlitz, Loebau, Zittau, Kamenz and Lauben (Luban)
1400 Bautzen is one of the biggest cities of th region with its some 5000 inhabitants - bigger than Dresden those days
1408 After several craftsmen's rebellions at the beginning of the century the King of Bohemia finishes the riots in Bautzen. 14 of the 100 craftsmen sentenced to death executed in public at the Main Market *.
1429/31 The "Six-City League of Upper Lusatia"refuses to join the Hussites.  Consequently they try to conquer Bautzen, but fail - also because of the almost completed inner and outer city walls *
1469 21 years of political allegiance to the Hungary under Matthias Corvinus, whose sculpture on the east side of the Matthiasturm bears a great resemblance to him, start * 
1507 Since the "Stapelrecht" (the right to hold fairs) goes to the city of  Leipzig, the Upper Lusatia loses its economic importance
1547 Ostensibly because of refusing to provide assistance in the Schmalkaldic War (Battle of Muehlberg), the six cities of the Upper Lusatian League forfeit all of their privileges and holdings to the Emperor, Bohemia
1552 Michael Wohlrab founded the first printing office in the town
1558 The Old Waterworks  built of stone
1596 First town library founded
1618 The Thirty Year's War begins with the Defenestration of Prague and ends with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. During the war Bautzen is besieged by Saxon troops (1620) and Swedish troops (1639), Wallenstein's troops march through this region (1633), Colonel von der Golz conquers Bautzen and on his orders it is set on fire (1634)
1635 Peace of Prague. The City goes as "Mannlehen" (a kind of fief) to Saxony
1709, 1720 Devastating city fires
1813 Battle around Bautzen against Napoleon's army
1846 Railway station erected and railway line between Dresden and Bautzen opened
1868 The city is renamed to its final German designation Bautzen (Sorbian: Budysin)
1900 They begin to build the Royal Saxon Prison, which determines the image of the town during several periods of time in this century
1909 The "Crown Prince Bridge" over the valley of the river Spree is built
1937/1938 The motorway to Bautzen is completed
1939-1945 World War II - in  February 1945 the first streams with refugees arrive the town. On 18th April, 1945, the "Red Army" and Polish troops try to conquer the city, Bautzen is declared a fortress and capitulation refused. The city is left with the bridges blown up and heavily damaged buildings
1949 On 21st December, Stalin's birthday, the biggest bridge of Bautzen (renamed to Friedensbruecke) is presented to the public
1974 Completion of the Bautzen Spree Dam and creation of an   recreation area
1989 Meetings in churches and demonstrations for political change in "East Germany".
1990 German Reunification -  On the one hand the inner city is renewed, on the other hand for some factories start economically difficult times, which cause a high unemployment rate in this region
1995 Bautzen becomes a major regional administrative centre with about 46 thousand inhabitants
1999 A big shopping centre is being built in the city. Almost at the same time they began to pull down the tower block with 168 flats erected in 1968, which has always been a matter of contest *

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